Welcome to my latest post. Its been a bit pressing with some external factors in my life of late, but these things serve to make or break us. Because I focus on solutions and goals in life, and not the problems or past failures, I understand that this is just another test of my patience and dedication. My big tip for you: Whatever you do to make money online (except for scamming, thats a dog act), be persistant, learn, and continue to try. As you succeed, even small, make a big deal about it! Its important to maintain your momentum, but the enthusiasm itself usually motivates you towards your next income target, etc.

I have had another train of thought, and a few revamps on the way for my online presences, including this blog, EzyBux4U, and TimothyAlbiezWS. I am planning to utilize a high quality graphics designer for the new layouts I desire. I am also (in the process of preparing to move into our first bought home) sorting all my performing programs and consolidate and reference them into a down-loadable ebook volume for viral distribution. Also, my increasing involvement in Text Ad Exchanges for quality traffic and exposure has also got me preparing to launch one of my own, and I am planning on duplicating the model of a successful and timely paying matrix that I will tell you about in an upcoming post. However I want to do the Text Ad Exchange to a very high standard and make sure its reliably hosted.

Anyhow, I have alot more off-line chores to attend to, but I will try to be a bit more consistent. Before I go, I would like to put in a quick plug for another up and coming Text Ad Exchange, called Joint Venture Ads. Its currently doing a promotion until it reaches 1000 members, free Pro accounts. As per usual, seeing the nice commissions and profit share for Joint Venture account I couldn't resist and signed up. The initial bonus advertising is more than enough. Its going to take me a while to set it up to use the included credits effectively!

I encourage joining this one. It seems to be going in the same direction as Clix4Profits, which is onwards and upwards. See you all next post, take care :)
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