Hi again everyone. Had a fun bit of surfing at TrafficEra earlier tonight. It was raining clocks again, so I did two runs, got 700 time creds and got 10 clocks twice, so got 15 tokens all up. I'm saving my for a big spend later on. I want to get a conversion going with my team leader soon to get a team surf day which suits as many members as possible. This would enable us to race for the super clock and earn a large stack of time credits for our efforts. If you are not already a member of TrafficEra I encourage you to join, its a fun, clean surf with team chat and so much more. Its free to join, with a Gold and Platinum level of membership if you require more from your surf time, or have a big list to refer to.

Now onto another program, not a traffic exchange, not a text ad exchange, or a reliable bux site. Its a revenue-share, but not a HYIP. Its called Earners Unite. It is designed for everyone, including those who cannot seem to get referrals in any other programs, or simply don't know how.

Upgrade to a Platinum Member for a onetime fee of $97 (as far as I know that is the upgrade cost at the members area, I got a cheaper One Time Offer for $67 USD, so I advise you to take it if you can afford it!) and at the end of each month you will earn an equal share of all the revenue generated from the following areas:

All sites that Earners Unite own
All sites that Earners Unite open
All sites that Earners Unite promote
All advertising purchased at any of Earners Unite's sites
All upgrades at any of Earners Unite's new sites

At Earners Unite, you will never have to refer to earn. As it grows, it expects that there will be as many as 500-1000 different sites that they own, open or promote that adds income to the shared revenue.

Once you are a Platinum Member, every site you join or every ad you buy is completely optional. You never have to join any site that they open or any program that Earners Unite offers discounts at and you still earn your share of the revenue each month. For those of you who can refer others, this site is great because you earn upto $26 per referral that upgrades.

The sites stats:
Member Count: 6273
1233 Platinum Members

I am so excited about this one I will make a vid post when first months revenue hits. I will be working with the other programs in my network of sites that I work and promote with the sites that Earners Unite have in their empire. As a Platinum member, I get heaps of big bonuses, but I can't get them if I don't join them, so I got so more work ahead of me yet :P

Thanks for your time. See you as soon as possible.
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  1. Derek
    http://timsinternetcashflow.blogspot.com/2009/09/trafficera-hot-tonight-and-about.html?showComment=1253966724452#c1613240643767057457'> September 26, 2009 at 5:05 AM

    Be sure to keep us posted with the commissions you earn in the revenue share each pay period with Earners Unite. That is all thats holding me back from joining.


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