Welcome again to Tim's Internet Cashflow Blog. Once again, my hectic life gets in the way of things, but no matter what, I always make sure I get good content up here as often as possible. It was alot easier a while ago, but as an ever-increasing amount of demands are placed on my scare spare time, I find new ways to manage time, even if it means another coffee or two ;) But I am sure you are not here to hear about my disorderly life, so as promised from my last post, here is an affiliate program that will probably produce a better residual than ClickBank.

I'll start off with the 9 prime reasons why you can make money with this alternative.

1. You can earn big commissions. They pay out a whopping 60%+ of their net profits! And over not just one, but two levels of payout! Plus you can qualify for 100% commissions on select products by simply ordering "Your Guide to Low-Stress Income"

2. You can profit wildly from potential competitors. That's right: Instead of competing against others selling the same products, you can recruit them first as your sub-affiliates and then earn "override" commissions on their efforts — thanks to their "two tier" structure. They pay you good and 2 levels deep!

3. You'll get proven ads that they have carefully field-tested to generate very high numbers of click-throughs — including tell-a-friend, banners, text links, classified ads, email promotions, and social marketing tools!

4. You'll get commissioned on procrastinators — even after several years! If you send them a visitor who doesn't buy right away — but comes back to their site and buys within ten years — you're still fully commissioned! (They don't even need to go through your site the second time!)

5. You'll learn how their top affiliates can make $10,000+ in a single month. Immediately after joining, you'll get personalized access to our private Affiliate Resource Center, where you can learn the exact techniques our top affiliates use to earn more than $10,000 in a single month.

6. You'll get unlimited free HelpDesk support. They have a growing staff of full-time employees who are 100% dedicated to supporting the affiliates — they are your "Affiliate Support Team" and they are available every business day plus weekends to assist you and your needs, answer your questions, and recommend the best ways to generate massive passive income.

7. You'll be instantly notified every time you make a sale. Whenever your visitors click to their site and buy, or sign up under you as sub-affiliates, they will let you know. Plus, you can monitor your daily and monthly sales stats, conversion rates, and earnings using a world-class control panel. You can even review your account history (which shows all sales you've made since joining) and see how many sub-affiliates have joined under you!

8. And to top things off you get to offer proven, fast sellers! That's right. They allow you to offer ONLY those products that sell BEST — and that do so in the current online digital market. They first carefully test products in a beta-marketing effort and force them to prove themselves worthy before passing them on to you. So this way, you KNOW you get only the top of the line in salable goods to offer others!

9. Recurring revenue streams, bonus commissions, and more! Not only do they offer great payouts on our products, but have many opportunities available for you to earn more, such as recurring monthly services that pay you month after month for just one sale! Plus they offer promotions that can boost your commissions up to 100%.

My experience with this program has been excellent, for fans of Twitter and the use of url shortners, you will love the next post which is actually a subsidiary of this affiliate program. But anyway, after all this you would probably like to know the affiliate programs name. Its called Low Stress Income. Even though I haven't had much time to promote, I have already got a few new sub-affiliates, and things on the residual income are on the rise again. Join me in earning at Low Stress Income, like its competitor, ClickBank, its free to join.
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