Hello and welcome to followers, feed subscribers and new visitors. I feel bad about neglecting both the blog here, and my online income streams in general for the last two or three weeks. The process of getting a home loan and getting into the house after settlement could be so damned involved and stressful. Juggling about two full-time jobs, and the kids (Seth 4, Hannah nearly 2) puts a big drain on time, and I have had to review my processes, and how I have been promoting and really get together on time organization in the household to optimize my online time.

Anyone else who is in a similar position (be it with lack of time or money, or both), one of the keys to success is to have a plan. Analyze results of promotions you run, and the higher CTRs show you what is working, and where, so you can put more resources into an outlet that is helping your business to grow.

Also something fresh might just be what the doctor ordered. I recently joined HitSilo, a powerful and unique manual surf by Logiscape Technologies LLC, who also run TrafficEra, TrafficSyndicate25, TrafficPods and Backbone Banners (which is the banner display provider for their exchanges). It's a marketers dream, with up to 70% commissions. Its 10 second surf is clean and crisp, and the Silo system rewards heavy surfers. Come and join me at this exchange, it has already yielded me four downline signups in text ad exchanges, using simply splash pages.

Well thats all for now folks. Will return after work to delve into a great ClickBank alternative. That's right, there is something else that can yield affiliate commissions out of and works well even with free advertising. Until then, prosperity to you and you own.
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  1. Derek
    http://timsinternetcashflow.blogspot.com/2009/10/its-been-while-but-im-back.html?showComment=1255271179827#c5321122020787200651'> October 11, 2009 at 7:26 AM

    Congratulations on your move! Being a home-buyer is a good position to be in considering these tough economic times


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