Hi everyone. Once again I have been absent from this blog. How I keep putting effort into internet marketing surprises me, must be the fact that I have broke even and have made now nearly $700 (USD) in profit after expenses. Its certainly not replacing my day-job, but I found that my online marketing knowledge can be effectively used in a hybrid way, and by that I mean part offline.

Using some quality video I have got my good friend James K Glaspy, into the forefront of at least 500 visitors a day (through 5 top notch traffic exchanges), and is also starting to get free targeted traffic from select search engines already, and I am aiding him in getting more content up, and build links for his blog along with my own on a weekly basis, so he is getting a long-term service here, and at a very reasonable charge, far below what many Promotion Managers would charge.

If you have a web-project that you want to get out there I provide a free initial quote, and will only take on a job that I know I can deliver on. Please contact me via the email link at the bottom. Thanks for your time, see you next post. Oh by the way, I am offering PayPal spotters of 10% for business that is referred by you to me.

Timothy Graeme Albiez

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