Google gave me one hell of a slap, and had their hands covered in talcum powder when they did it, so I feel horribly and openly humiliated right now. When logging in to see my progress for the last few days I find that my account has been disabled.

Upon checking my Gmail, I find that due to click activity that has come from "fraud" ridden countries, my account was closed down to protect AdWords advertisers. I feel insulted because I have not gotten involved in their silly click-rings and crap. By how some of my free traffic sources work I get traffic from India and Indonesia and other places Google considers "bad". Screw them I say.

A popular alternative AdBrite is now my choice of ad supplier. For anyone else that has been "slapped" like I have from Google, fight back with AdBrite at your side.

See you again soon with some new Text Ad Exchanges to add to your own advertising and earning arsenals.
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