Google gave me one hell of a slap, and had their hands covered in talcum powder when they did it, so I feel horribly and openly humiliated right now. When logging in to see my progress for the last few days I find that my account has been disabled.

Upon checking my Gmail, I find that due to click activity that has come from "fraud" ridden countries, my account was closed down to protect AdWords advertisers. I feel insulted because I have not gotten involved in their silly click-rings and crap. By how some of my free traffic sources work I get traffic from India and Indonesia and other places Google considers "bad". Screw them I say.

A popular alternative AdBrite is now my choice of ad supplier. For anyone else that has been "slapped" like I have from Google, fight back with AdBrite at your side.

See you again soon with some new Text Ad Exchanges to add to your own advertising and earning arsenals.
Hi everyone. Once again I have been absent from this blog. How I keep putting effort into internet marketing surprises me, must be the fact that I have broke even and have made now nearly $700 (USD) in profit after expenses. Its certainly not replacing my day-job, but I found that my online marketing knowledge can be effectively used in a hybrid way, and by that I mean part offline.

Using some quality video I have got my good friend James K Glaspy, into the forefront of at least 500 visitors a day (through 5 top notch traffic exchanges), and is also starting to get free targeted traffic from select search engines already, and I am aiding him in getting more content up, and build links for his blog along with my own on a weekly basis, so he is getting a long-term service here, and at a very reasonable charge, far below what many Promotion Managers would charge.

If you have a web-project that you want to get out there I provide a free initial quote, and will only take on a job that I know I can deliver on. Please contact me via the email link at the bottom. Thanks for your time, see you next post. Oh by the way, I am offering PayPal spotters of 10% for business that is referred by you to me.

Timothy Graeme Albiez

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No free content

Do not offer any free content because this gives the reader nowhere to go. They either get involved with what you’re doing or they get off the list. Besides when you are offering free content, all that you are really accomplishing is you owing more money and having less bandwidth to work with.

Don’t accept any form of paid advertising

By accepting paid advertising, you only succeed in polluting your list and This takes attention away from whatever your newsletter’s main theme is. You want to keep your readers informed of MLM and Residual Income Programs because this just another way of building and keeping their trust in you.

Don’t put copyright on it

Some lists add copyright information and I really don’t know why. It is best to simply forward this information to anyone that might be interested. It’s a lot easier than using a script and it’s been working for me. In any case, most people generally don’t care anyway.

Purchase Subscribers

Every email address that you could possibly get is like potential gold to you so if you are going to purchase any email addresses from the many lists that are available for purchase, however, you have to be very specific in who you choose to buy from so watch out. You can purchase 1,000 subscribers for as little as $197.00 with some companies. It helps to be on the lookout.

Talk about yourself a bit

This may sound a bit strange, but people like to do business with people they know and trust. When you include SOME personal information about yourself, people will get to know you as a person. This helps break the ice and makes it a lot easier to do business with people. I don’t know about you, but I always respond better to a business person that is willing to be a bit more friendly and personal with me.

These are great foundations for being successful at applying email marketing for business growth and profit. Thanks for reading, see you next post, where I will reveal another Text Ad exchange new-comer that is showing a lot of promise.

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If you are a beginning Internet Marketer and you do not actually have any money to work with the best way to start marketing is by using the pay per click search engines. The truth is, when you are a marketer products are not the things that actually sell, it is the traffic that sells. However true this is you still want to promote the programs that meet certain criteria. If you are wondering what the criteria are they are listed below and are as follows:

1. Look for programs that offer to pay you over $10.00 per sale. If not that then at least search for programs that pay you $50.00 per month or more in residual income because just one customer can be worth $1,200.00 to you in 2 years.

2. Look for products to promote that doesn’t have more than one or two external links to that connect to other programs. If you’re going to pay good money to send people to a web site, you should at least make sure that you’re sending them to a good money resource and not a resource that has like 50 holes in it.

3. Look for products that have limited ordering options because you don’t want to send people to a site if you only get credit when they pay by credit card. The result will be that you will lose people because the site also accepts payment via PayPal and the average person doesn’t know how to integrate PayPal with their current affiliate software or some other more complicated payment method like direct checking.

4. Try to find sales sites. You can check out CPA Park and find five programs that meet the criteria. It will take some digging, but they are there if you look for them. Let’s say you’re promoting sneakers, for example. What you are going to want to do now is find as many applicable keywords as you can that are directly relating to sneakers. You can find lists of keyword variations for any products or services by signing into Word Tracker and clicking the ‘keywords’ button at the top.

How this works is that you can do keyword searches and find every variation of the word sneakers that you can think of. If you save all your keywords in a text file you can place bids at all the major pay per click search engines. Go here for a list of the top PPC search engines.

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Direct promotion that are using email has boomed over recent years, but has brought with it mountains of spam. If you intend on using email as a method of advertising products and services, you have to be sure that you stand behind the products you’re promoting and make yourself available to answer any questions that may be asked. If you hide from people, they will wonder what you are hiding.

An effective promotion technique that I have found is to combine email with the ad article strategy. This generally means creating an ezine or newsletter promotion that visitors can sign up for that goes directly to their email inboxes. You can occasionally put a summary of a product or service; however, you should include just enough information to stir the curiosity of your readers in an ezine. The summary then contains a link to the ad article on your site.

The benefit of this is not only that you have a good opportunity to promote the product or service, but while visitors are on your site they may also look at other sections at the same time This way you as the advertiser benefits through having highly targeted potential clients visit their site.

More marketing tips soon, take care everybody :)

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This isn’t a direct marketing tool, this is human communication says Rob Key, chief executive officer of social marketing firm Converseon. Social networking is fast growing into a future-business-tool. Most businesses grow with the word of mouth, especially recommendations from peers and communities. Using social networking for business has widespread benefits. most importantly it allows interaction with professionals in a informal way. Probably its the easiest way to reach out to hundreds, or possibly thousands of without any expenditure. With a number of social networking tools available more businesses no sooner than later people would embrace the internet as their networking tool. Clearly, the power of social networking cannot be underestimated. Supporting the social networking spree for business, we decided to provide you with the 10 best social networking tips for business.

1. Quitting Traditional networking mode

Let's begin with a Charles Darwin quote: "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."

The same applies for business either change with your business strategies with trends or be left behind. For some businesses it's not easy to change the whole set up, especially those habituated with attending chamber mixers and industry events. The crux of the matter is if you keep on doing what you have been doing you would get what you have always gotten. So, why not take a step further when your rivals have already taken to social networking techniques. Try to include a new technique or online marketing outreach into your marketing plan every month. For social networking you can set up a LinkedIn profile or a blog on your company website. Establish a group forum and try some simple questions.

2. Using Facebook for business

Facebook allows you to build a business page for news about your company. Not just that it also offers you an Events page for business activities and even a Fan page. Update you account and make networking efforts frequently, at least after every 2-3 days. Remember when it comes to business, it effective communication that counts. Be professional until you get to know each other.

Try to create special-interest forums and groups for crisis management. You need to surface your blog posts on your profile page using RSS feeds. The basic things you need to apply is add notes or links to blogs, add videos to your profile and pages and upload presentation. All you acquaintances would be interested to know what you do for living and what's your earning. Feel free to chat about it. Create a company page and keep on updating. Make it a page where your fans would go to watch the updates.

3. Making the most of Twitter

Twitter is fast growing into a powerful business tool. Using Twitter you can keep your followers up-to-date on latest deals; establish direct contact with your potential customer; provide people with quick updates. Some Twitter apps like Twitterfeed are quite handy. However, your business's primary Twitter feed should be hand-fed. With a flood of impersonal links your Twitter account would seem to be a advertising channel. Link to the very best stuff on your blog, as well as relevant stuff you see elsewhere on the web, and also post items that don't contain links at all.

In Twitter you can follow colleagues in related companies and in your field. Further you can follow relevant brands and journalists and pundits in your market, and even those competing with you. Reply to the tweets that seem relevant, as it might be a potential customer and use Twitter to figure out what your customers are interested in.

4. Using LinkedIn to your advantage

LinkedIn is the hub for professionals, especially those looking to network for business. Use LinkedIn to build a network of your past colleagues, friends, and industry experts. Create and administer a group on LinkedIn and use it promote your business. Don't stick to promoting your business discuss anything from politics to local economy. Let people know you and then your business. Optimize your LinkedIn profile with proper keywords so that clients can find you easily. For the starters you can use your LinkedIn profile keep up-to-date with the latest information on your small business offerings. Try to connect with others and ask questions on LinkedIn Answers every week or at least once in a month.

5. Take advantage of the apps and widgets

Most of the top social networking sites offer cool apps and plugins to ameliorate business activities. There are some top-notch Facebook apps for business that we had explored. Coming to Twitter if you have a blog connected to your business use services like Twitterfeed to directly channel your new blog posts into Twitter posts. Often in Twitter you need to add links. In Twitter you can use URL shortening service for links like,, and

6. Try multiple social networks, but focus only on few of them

Time is an invaluable asset in any business. Although MySpace is one of the largest social networking sites, but it doesn't leverage your business much when you try to reach a large audience. There are several other networking sites that you may try, however they might not be fit for your target customers. Although you can test a number of sites to see which works best, but stick to one or two of them that servers your purpose.

7. What to post and what not

There's a general opinion among certain sections of entrepreneurs who question the effectiveness of social networking for business. Well, online marketing and social networking as as effective as you can make them. Setting up a Twitter or Facebook account and posting personal dealings is sheer waste of time. You focus should be on building your brand recognition and getting maximum exposure. One of the best ways you can do this is through a blog. Use it to provide valuable information to your potential customer or client. If your focus lies on your local market write your blog posts targeting that demography. Responding to the e-mails and comments is important to pull target audience to your blog or site.

8. Highlight your expertize on forums

Forums and groups are the best platforms to highlight your USP. Make sure you voice something interesting and use it to establish your credibility. One of the best things you can do is comment on the blog posts. Reasonable comments are highly appreciated and helps you to be recognized as an expert. To provide more details add links to your comments.

9. Look for recognized authorities

Social networking allows easy person-to-person networking. Look for the seasoned pro's in your field. In LinkedIn you can send networking invitation and in Facebook you can send a friend requests to the concerned person. Don't forget to add a message introducing yourself and provide a viable reason why you want to join the person online. If the person adds you, make sure you talk on business-related motives.

10. Privacy Online

The top professional sites offer many privacy setting that allows you to decide whom to allow into your network, set up filters and e-mail notifications and even block people with whom you don't want to connect. However, you must filter invitations carefully, as you don't want lose any potential new clients or customers.

Thats it for today, I plan on using the next few days off to get some more of my notes online, as well as introduce you to some new text ad exchanges that are showing excellent response to my solo ads. Take care.
Hi everybody! I haven't yet sorted the promised post regarding some of my advertising resources, but in the meantime, a quick snippet for you!

JointVentureBux has just launched. Officially readers you are receiving first notice and a welcome from its Administrator... me :)

So come aboard and join the latest in internet promotion and a tidy side income stream. This is my first membership site, and I'm very excited about it. I simply cannot sleep right now, but its a great feeling, a natural high for sure. See you again soon :)